Pingu does all the things you might do if you were a young penguin in the Antarctic - play fish tennis, misplace your sister, find a treasure map, and occasionally anger most of the other penguins.

Pingu™ is a unique and quirky show that follows the adventures of a cheeky, charming penguin as he plays and interacts with his family and friends in the Antarctic.

With Robby, the fun-loving seal and his baby sister, Pinga in tow, Pingu lands himself in all sorts of comical situations, making lots of new friends along the way.  Whether he’s going fishing or delivering letters with his dad, Pingu finds adventure wherever he goes, and luckily the family igloo is never far away when things go wrong.

Pingu is adored by generations and has achieved worldwide recognition.  Part of his unique appeal lies in his hilarious “Penguinese” language that needs no translation, and his exceptional ability to turn his beak into a trumpet to let viewers know whether he is happy or sad.